Homer Hartage Support Parent Abuse Legislation 

Former Orange County Commissioner Homer Hartage and the Hartage Family Youth Enrichment Foundation established the Parent Abuse Action Coalition to strengthen regulations on parent abuse. http://www.parentabuse.org/


Hartage drafted language for the abuse of parent bill that is now pending hearing in both the Florida Senate and Florida House of Representative.  Senator Geraldine Thompson has sponsored Senate Bill SB 904 and State Representative Larry Lee Jr., has sponsored HB 585 in the House, “Abuse of Parent”. Both bills are scheduled for committee hearings and have received national and international attention. 

Speaking is Alice Flowers, sister of slain Rosemary Pate shown in photo on the right, Home Hartage center.  Pate’s son is charged with her death.  Pate was a friend of Hartage and bicyclist on their team called the Flow-Riders.  There were more than 1,645 cases of battery, physical or sexual assault on parents by their minor children in 2012 in the four county area of Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Volusia County. Authorities believe this is under

Article reported by the Orlando Sentinel

Photo by Sentinel staff photographer George Skene

Homer_hartage_headshot_new.jpgLast year Homer Hartage watched in horror as the Orange County Commission broke its own charter  rejecting the will of 55,000 voters who signed petitions to place Earned Sick Time on the 2012 ballot.

Hartage worst fears were confirmed when it was reported by the Orlando Sentinel that some Commissioners colluded with big business lobbyists and other power brokers to defeat the will of the people. It was then that Hartage knew he could no longer watch passively.

Homer Hartage said, I am running for Orange County Commission because I believe that those least able to help  themselves deserve to be heard and deserve our support. “


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Homer Hartage Address Latinos Business owners and La Familia: Support Modern Immigration Laws Now


Americans immigrants play a vital role in building our economy – as workers, job creators, and drivers of consumer demand. Orange County has the 10th-highest population of Hispanics in the country. Hispanics make up 22.5 percent of Florida’s population, which is the sixth-largest percentage of Hispanics of all 50 states. In the past decade, the Hispanic population accounted for more than half of the state's overall population growth. And more than half of Florida’s Hispanic population lives in Orange, Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.... More

Homer Hartage, Mi Familia Vota welcome Fasting for Families Bus Tour to central Florida. In photo with Eliseo Medina

WP_20140324_003.jpgIt is with great esteem that Mi Familia Vota extends this invitation to the Fast For Families Bus Tour. We acknowledge the solidarity and support you have shown throughout the movement for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in Central Florida and ask that you join us on this historic day of recognition.

This historic tour is a follow-up to the Fast for Families Campaign that began in late November of last year and hosted 8 core fasters, for 22 days, in the spirit of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

These fasters have since embarked on a National Bus Tour bringing attention to their courageous sacrifice and giving awareness to the urgency of passing a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that will bring 11 million undocumented people out of the shadows.


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